Who are we?

We are team of highly technical guys and working under Smart WebTech which is Web Development Company in India. Our technical guys are expert in Web Scraping, Data gathering, SEO, Crawling and custom scraper development.

Web Scraping is an art of harvesting useful data from web pages (html pages) and producing output in desired format such as Excel(.xls), CSV(comma separated values), SQL, XML, MS Access and any other format you need. We use automated web scraping tools to scrape required data as well as we make our custom web scraping tools to use them regularly.

If you need data fast and accurate without doing manual copy and paste then you are on right place. We have built our WebData-Scraping.com site to target customers who are interested in web scraping services and other related services with database.

We are working in this field from last 2+ years and can offer you various services like Web Development, WordPress Customization, SEO Services, Web Scraping Services, Web Research, Ecommerce development, Data Migration and Data Analysis service and many more.

Which web scraping service we can offer to you?

It is very important to get right data rather than large data. We are here to address your data processing needs for your business. In internet marketing field data has its importance. The right targeted data can boost your business and get lots of new customers.

Website Scraping

We can extract data from any website from where you need data. Like Scraping Yellowpages for business leads, Yelp scraping, Scraping Forums for emails, Ebay Scraping, Ecommerce website scraping for products. Etc.

Data Migration & Import

We can help you to import scraped data to your existing website or application. Suppose you want to scrape products data from store website and want to import to your web application.

We can also do data import to WordPress sites, Magento website, and other popular CMSs.

Web Automation & Automated Form Filling

We can automate form filling process based on your requirement. Suppose you have organized data in excel or any other form and you want to submit them to some web forms then we can automate form filling process for you and save your time and money.

Web Research

We can do Web Research job for you to get correct searched data that you need. Suppose you have list of company owners and you want some one to search emails of each of that owner then we can do this for you in cheap price.

eCcommerce Product Scraping & Competitor Analysis

We can scrape eCommerce website to get products in no time with all product attribute scraped like Product Name, Price, Discount, Stock Status, Description and other attributes.

You might want to compare your competitors price with your price!! we can do this job for you based on scraping techniques.

Email Scraping

If you want to market your new product and need targeted emails to send promotion mails then we can do email scraping for you to get more sales and leads to your business.

What we do not do?

We do not scrape porn and dating websites.
We do not theft data that is not shown on website or not provided to access publicly.