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How to find executive email addresses using Rapporative

rapporative chromeWhether you are a young entrepreneur looking to reach out to a CEO or an experienced marketer looking for leads, finding ceo and executive email addresses is difficult and time-consuming. But I have found a neat little trick that can help you get email address contact you need. It has worked for me 95% of the time, whether I am approaching to major press outlets or contacting prominent investors.

Here’s the important tasks what you need to do:

1) Get a Gmail account ready

2) Install Rapportive browser plugin go get contact information

3) After installing Rapportive, connect your social networks with rapportive.

Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts(email addresses) right inside your inbox. In the right side of the email, it will show the person’s photo, social networks, general location, job title, company etc. This little rapporative plugin will make your gmail account a CRM which will give you insight of your contact.

Rapportive gives you extra information of a particular email address, but I found out that you can take this one step further: find any person’s email address through trial-and-error strategy until the person’s information appears.

Most companies do not let employees choose email addresses freely but assign by based on their  name by following certain patterns. You can take advantage of that by guessing the address of the person whom you want to contact.

Now what we can do is: We will generate list of likely email addresses based on person’s first name, last name and company’s website domain name and check its existence with the help of Rapportive. We have developed a simple PHP script that will help you to generate ready made list of likely emails addresses.

Let us understand this with an example: Suppose I want to find Mihir Rawal’s email address who works at indianic.com. Ultimately based on the first name, last name and domain name, I come up with the following various email addresses by manual guessing…

executive email

Now Login to Gmail Account. Click Compose and Copy-Paste these email addresses into “To” labelled textbox. When we click each of the email address in that “To” textbox, Rapportive tries to find extra information of that selected email address. If Rapportive finds any information associated with that email address, it displays it in the right pane.

Rapporative Tutorial

 In our example, the 7th email guess worked out surprisingly well. Yeh…We got it…

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