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Fminer – Visual Web Scraping Software With Macro Recorder and Diagram Designer

web scraping expertFminer is a powerful visual tool used for automated web scraping, web data extraction, web harvesting, Screen scraping, web crawling and content extraction from the web. Fminer, the data extraction software can automatically walk through whole web sites using web macros and collect complete content structures such as product catalogs or search results.  Two fminer versions are available: one for Windows OS and the other for Mac OS.

Fminer is very smart web scraping software that can do any complex website scraping job, It can also connect with MySQL and SQL Server database to store scraped data directly to database for further processing.

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Distinct Features of Fminer:

  1. Visual Project Designer tool:It is a user friendly, easy to use, 100% visual tool that allows you to handle web content without using scripts.
  2. No coding needed:Build a scarping project with simple point and click interface for scraping website data such as product catalogs, real estate classifieds, yellow page directories etc.
  3. Crawl Complex website with ease:Fminer can extract data from any type of web pages including highly dynamic websites build using AJAX and Javascript.
  4. Input data source:Fminer provides facility to upload input values to be used for repeatedly submitting forms for all possible input values.
  5. Wide Exporting Capabilities:Fminer supports wide exporting capabilities. You can export gathered data into a plain CSV, text file,Excel, XML/HTML, SQLites, JSON as well as to put the data right into a popular databases like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Access, OBDC.
  6. Versatility to advance customization: Highly customizable web crawler / web spider.  Crawl website pages using a combination of link structures, automated form input value entries, drop-down selections or URL pattern matching.
  7. Powerful Multithreaded Extraction tool:Fminer is a Powerful, multi-threaded/multi browser web crawler tool that provides quick and efficient data extraction.
  8. Proxy Supports and Cookie management:Fminer also supports web request via proxy servers so that you can crawl websites with different IP addresses and prevents your IP address to be banned. It also clear the cookies before making every web request so that you can crawl website anonymously.
  9. CAPTCHA Testing Facility:Fminer also provides a way to crawl/scrape CAPTCHA enabled web sites with ease. You can manually set CAPTCHA or you can use third-party automated DECAPTCHA services.
  10. Logging facility: It also support logging facility for finding and debugging errors raised during extraction process.
  11. Python API:FMinersupport python API to be used in extraction project. It has a “run code” action feature using that you can write custom python code in it to execute to process the workflow or manipulate the data tables.
  12. Project Scheduling facility:Fminer provides scheduling a project that requires regular updates. FMiner’s integrated scheduling facility allows one to specifyregular extractions schedules at which point the project will auto-run and extracts the data.
  13. Learning Resources: There are great learning resources available including documentation and video tutorials to learn Fminer tool and set up the project at our own.
  14. Competitive Price and Great Customer support:Fminer is available with the best prices in the market and have various packages available for a single user license and a multi user license.  Moreover Fminer support facility great.