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Top 15 Automated Software Testing Tools

Software Testing is an integral part of software development life cycle. It helps in bug fixing and correction of code hence enhances software quality and company’s reputation. Software testing is a huge subject, but it can be broadly categorized into two areas: manual testing and automated testing. In manual testing (as the name suggests), test cases are executed manually by tester without any help of tools or software. But with automated testing, test cases are executed with the help of tools, scripts, and software. Automated Testing requires less human efforts and saves substantial amount of time. There are a number of tools out there — some free open source, some commercial/paid — that help you to test your system automatically. These tools are popularly known as Automated Testing Tools or Automated Testing Software.

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In this article, I have curated a list of top 15 most extensively used automated testing tools which are as listed below. Read More…

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Google OpenRefine : Opensource and Free Tool to Work With Messy Data

open refineIn all the data intensive fields like retail, banking, telecom, insurance etc. managing data without any error is a challenging task. Data cleaning thus becomes vital in modifying or removing data in a database that may be duplicated, incomplete, incorrect or poorly formatted. Every data wrangler wants to cleanup and transform the data into other formats in a quick manner and practicing a lot to refine and analyse the raw data. This practice is widely referred as Data Wrangling, sometimes referred as data munging or data cleansing.

Data quality is an important aspect in the overall success of decision making. Inaccurate data leads to wrong assumptions and analysis. Consequently it leads to failure of the campaign or project. Redundant data can cause various problems like slow load ups, increases inconsistency and decreases efficiency. A good data cleaning tool solves these problems and cleans your database of redundant data, incorrect information and bad entries. Read More…

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Content Grabber – Useful Custom Scripts

Content Grabber has powerful custom scripting using which you can customize Content Grabber behavior and develop power full web scraping agent that can crawl and scrape data from simple to very complex websites.

Below are few example of custom script using C# which shows database connection and dynamically run time Xpath modification when scraper running.  Read More…

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Phone Number Validation & Lookup JSON API

NumVerify helps web and application developers to validate national and international phone numbers. It provides simple RESTful API that one can use for phone number lookup and validation easily. Around 232 countries around the world is supported.
Passed number is checked in real-time, cross-verified with the latest database of international phone and mobile numbers and output is return with as much information as possible. API returns JSON string containing information like geographical location, carrier details, phone formats, and phone type.

In short, NumVerify allows you to find details behind every phone number and helps you to identify local-friendly number formats, reduce undelivered messages, and protect from spam and fraud.

Read More…

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Puppeteer – Web Scraping using Headless Chrome Node API

Puppeteer is Headless Chrome browser developed by Google Team. A headless browser is a web browser without a graphical user interface(GUI) means that it has no visual components. Headless browsers enable you to control web page via programming without human intervention. In Programmer’s term, Puppeteer is a node library or API for Headless browsing as well as browser automation developed by Google Chrome team.
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Browser automation helps you to automate repetitive tasks and web application testing. For example, monitoring product pricing over period of time, form submission, automatically login to web app, perform some task and logout etc.

There are many libraries for browser automation and web scraping like PhantomJS, Selenium IDE etc. However Puppeteer runs faster and uses less memory. Puppeteer only works with Google Chrome browser.Puppeteer can be used for:

Read More…

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Data Scraping Studio Review

scraperData Scraping Studio is an integrated and scalable platform which has been built to power your data scraping project. Aim behind this software is to make an automatic and most advanced data extraction engine so the user can enjoy fast data collection experience.Data Scraping Studio is used to extract the data from web pages, ajax sheets, xml, json and many more. It provides many services to the users which has been described in below section. Key services provided by this  are  Expert setup, maintenance, better performance, unlimited users, priority execution and expert support.  For the ease of understanding, Data Scraping Studio provides Help Center including Documentation, Forum, Video tutorials and API documentation. Read More…

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WebHarvy Review

WebHarvy is a intuitive easy-to-use visual web scraper using which you can automatically scrape text, images, URL’s and emails from websites and you can save the scraped data into various formats. WebHarvy works with all the websites. User can also use WebHarvy for extracting data from product listings, eCommerce websites, yellow pages, real estate listing, social networks, forums etc.

WebHarvey Read More…

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Content Grabber V2 – With New Features

Content Grabber – a web scraping software developed by Sequentum is the most advanced web scraping software in the market and it just keeps getting better.

I am excited to highlight several enhancements to Content Grabber features in the Version 2: Chrome based Web browser, Edge Selections, Data Retention options, Change Tracking, Export to single database table, Export script templates, Export settings, File downloads, Screenshots, Retry errors, Simplified Action Configurations, Multiple command selections, Group commands, Improved XPath editor, New self-contained agents. These features better enable web scrapers to extract data from websites efficiently and effectively. Read More…

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HtmlAgilityPack to parse HTML in .NET


web-scraping-using-htmlagilitypackScreen Scraping also known as Data Scraping or Data Extraction is a technique of collecting different kind of data from a web page like meta tag information, titles, images, links, contact information(phone & email) and other important data like weather forecasts.

To make Web Scraping into action using .NET, we have very useful .NET library known as HTMLAgilityPack. It provides essential methods navigating, modifying and searching DOM(Document Object Model) Tree. HTMLAgilityPack parses anything you give it even if it’s malformed HTML having missing closing tags, very tolerant! It supports XPath and XSLT for navigating the web page. Read More…

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Total.js Review

Total.js is a free and very powerful web application framework for building Web sites and Web applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The framework is a server-side framework for Node.js. The framework is written in pure JavaScript.

node framework

Total.js framework has very simple logic, a short learning curve and many features for creating rich and scalable web applications. Read More…

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