Oct 112014

Scraping Yelp Business Data With Python Scraping Script

Yelp Scraping

Yelp is a great source of business contact information with details like address, postal code, contact information; website addresses etc. that other site like Google Maps just does not. Yelp also provides reviews about the particular business. The yelp business database can be useful for telemarketing, email marketing and lead generation.

Are you looking for yelp business details database? Are you looking for scraping data from yelp website/business directory? Are you looking for yelp screen scraping software? Are you looking for scraping the business contact information from the online Yelp? Then you are at the right place.

Here I am going to discuss how to scrape yelp data for lead generation and email marketing. I have made a simple and straight forward yelp data scraping script in python that can scrape data from yelp website. You can use this yelp scraper script absolutely free.

I have used urllib, BeautifulSoup packages. Urllib package to make http request and parsed the HTML using BeautifulSoup, used Threads to make the scraping faster.

Yelp Scraping Python Script

import urllib
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
import re
from threading import Thread

#List of yelp urls to scrape

#function that will do actual scraping job
def scrape(ur):

          html = urllib.urlopen(ur).read()
          soup = BeautifulSoup(html)

      title = soup.find('h1',itemprop="name")
          saddress = soup.find('span',itemprop="streetAddress")
          postalcode = soup.find('span',itemprop="postalCode")
          print title.text
          print saddress.text
          print postalcode.text
          print "-------------------"

threadlist = []

#making threads
while i<len(url):
          t = Thread(target=scrape,args=(url[i],))

for b in threadlist:

Recently I had worked for one German company and did yelp scraping project for them and delivered data as per their requirement. If you looking for scraping data from business directories like yelp then send me your requirement and I will get back to you with sample.