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Review: Web Content Extractor’s Online/Cloud based Scraping Platfrom

Scraping data, extracting data from website, can be a very daunting task if the website has a lot of data on it. If you are scraping data from a website without using an automation software for web scraping, like Web Content Extractor, then you are likely to spend a lot of time in order to extract the data. But if you use an automation software, you are likely to finish the work earlier and with very little effort.

Certainly this tool is useful and helps you do tedious and boring tasks easily but there is another plus point to this tool is Accuracy. If you are not using an automated tool to extract data from a HTML website, you are most likely to have errors in case of data extraction. It can be due to several reasons but the most prominent one would be Human Error. But with the use of this tool, this error is minimized. Once you specify the type of data and set its fields, you will get all the similar data scraped without going through the hassle of doing it manually and thus minimizing the error. Read More…

Nov 282013

How to use Web Content Extractor(WCE) as Email Scraper?

Email-ScrapingWeb Content Extractor is a great web scraping software developed by Newprosoft Team. The software has easy to use project wizard to create a scraping configuration and scrape data from websites.

One day I came to see the Visual Email Extractor which is also product of Newprosoft and similar to Web Content Extractor but it’s primary use is to scrape email addresses by crawling websites you feed to the scraper. I had noticed that with the little modification in Web Content Extractor project configuration you can use it same as Visual Email Extractor to extract email addresses.

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