Web Scraping Service – FAQ

Here are some responses to Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • What is web scraping?

Web Scraping is a technique using which we can automate the manual copy paste work by calling web pages and extract data from html pages using tool known as Web Scraping Tools.

  • Why to prefer web scraping?

When you want to collect large amount of data from web sites at that time manual copy paste is time consuming, it will take hours and even days to get the data that you need. With the use of web scraping we can automate the data collection process and get you data in no time and less cost.

  • What type of data can be scraped using web scraping?

Web scraping has many use in real life applications. Few examples are

  • scraping directory sites for leads
  • Scraping eCommerce products from competitors website to compare price.
  • Scraping real estate property details from real estate websites like Zoopla
  • Scraping live cricket score, live stock price etc.
  • Email scraping for e-campaign.


  • Is it legal?

We assume that you have taken permission from the site owner to scrape data from website.  We do not do scraping that compromise with website’s bandwidth and traffic.

  • How long does it takes to scrape the data from any website?

The time of scraping varies based on different factors like

  • Complexity of the website
  • No # of records to scrape
  • Use of Ajax on website (Ajax makes scraping complicated)
  • Is there CAPTCHA after few request of no?


  • What techniques you are using for web scraping?

We use third party web scraping software as well as we had made our own scraping tools which we can customize according to the need. We develop custom web scraper in languages like PHP, C#, Python and VBA.

  • How can I hire you and use your web scraping service?

You can hire me on oDesk or can contact me direct on my skype: kothari.keval1

  • How much scraping cost to me?

It varies based on complexity of website, number of records you want to scrape and how fast you need data to be scraped. Request For Sample Scrape and Estimated Cost.

  • Can I get refund?

If in some case we failed to deliver data then we give you full refund.

  • Is there any risk?

As long as we do scraping with care, there is no risk for you.

  • What we do not scrape?

We do not scrape porn websites and  websites that has  personal details like Credit Card Details, Social Security Number and other personal details.