Web Scraping Software

web_scraping_softwareWeb Scraping Software or screen scraping software is a computer program that web scraper use to extract, parse, download, gather data from websites or database.The term usually refers to relatively user friendly programs that can be used to accomplish data extraction process much as one might do manually.The ability to use these tools productively is one of the best quality of a expert web scraper.

These scraping tools are useful  to automate the manual copy paste work to gather large amount of data from websites like directory sites, real estate sites, classified websites and job boards.  Suppose you want to scrape real estate property details of UK then you need to appoint few guys to copy and paste details from websites to excel by visiting each property page. This way it will take days and even months to get your property data ready to use. So web scraping tool can automate the manual work programmatically by visiting each page and extract data from pages and parsing the html pages. There are number of  Web Scraping Software that available in market that can help you to scrape data from any website you want, Here are the list of such scraping tools and it’s price.

The Price of Web Scraping Software varies based on features it provide, support and upgrade period. You can always get the trial version and check whether it has all the scraping features that you need!!

Web Scraping Software available in market

Content Grabber 

Content Grabber logo and spider

Content Grabber is used for web extraction, web scraping and web automation. It can extract content from complex websites and export it as structured data in a variety of formats like Excel Spreadsheets, XML, CSV and databases. Content Grabber can also extract data from highly dynamic websites.

Content Grabber resources:  Content Grabber Review | Self contained Agent 

Octoparse – Automated Web Scraping Software | No Programming Needed


Octoparse is a powerful automated web scraping software with an easy to use point-and-click user interface, which enables users to apply different patterns to extract data from different websites with ease.

It provides different advanced functions like Smart Mode, Cloud Extraction, API Access that helps users to capture data from any static or dynamic websites without any programming knowledge.

Octoparse resources:  Octoparse Review

Fminer – Visual Web Scraping Software


Fminer is one of the best Visual Web Scraping tool built in Paython. I has nice diagrammatic representation of scraping flow and actions. It also allows to run custom python code. The product price starts from $168 for Basic edition up to $248 for Pro edition and $248 for Mac version.


Fminer Resources: Fminer Review

Dexi.io – Cloud based scraping solution


Dexi.io is the modern professional cloud scraping tool (SaaS). This cloud system works as powerful web data harvest and refinery. Online project builder is for non-programmers to make a custom scraper – even most complex data structures. Own proxy IPs (over 160), data integration, parallel processing to efficiently scrape huge data amounts.


Dexi.io Resources: Dexi.io Review

Web Content Extractor

web content extractorWeb Content Extractor is a handy Web Scraping software developed by Newprosoft. It has good wizard that guide user to setup scraper. You can scrape data from website with few clicks. It has many good features like Proxy support; It can resolve url redirect, extract images and save to folder.


Web Content Extractor Resources: Email Scraping Using WCE


Mozenda Web Scraper – Cloud based Web Scraping Software

mozenda scraperMozenda Web Scraper is powerful web data extraction service. It offers scraping service based on subscription. It can extract data from websites as well as PDFs. It has simple Point and selection interface so non technical can also make simple scrape. Mozenda runs your scraping project (agent) on their cloud environment. It allows 14 Day free trial before you plan to purchase it.The Starter Plan price is $99.


Mozenda Resources: Mozenda vs Visual Web Ripper & Web Content Extractor

UiPath – Robotic Process Automation

UiPathUiPath goes beyond simple web-scraping techniques. It can automatically log in to a web site, extract data spanning multiple webpages, filter and transform it into the format of your choice, before integrating it into another application or web service. UiPath resembles a real browser with a real user, so it can extract data that most automation tools cannot even see.

No programming is needed to create intelligent web agents using its drag-and-drop graphical designer-but the .NET hacker inside you has complete control over the data.

Out Wit Hub

outwit data scraperOutWit Hub is a great automated web scraping software  that is easy to use. There is also free version of this scraper with limited features. The pro version has many exciting features that can help you to harvest data from any websites. Pro version goes for $59.9



Screen Scraper

screen scraperScreen Scraper is advance screen scraping tool that comes in three flavor Enterprise, Professional and Basic. Basic version is free to download and use with basic scraping features. The Basic edition is free, professional version starts from $549.

Helium Scraper

helium_scraperHelium is one of the powerful web scraping software that has all the features that one need to scrape data from any web pages. It has point-and-click user interface to define scraping fields. It has support of Ajax based scraping, CAPTCHA based scraping and proxy supports.
The product price starts from $99 for Basic edition up to $699 for Enterprise edition with extra upgrades and supports.


Web Data Extarctor

Web Data Extractor is mainly use for Link Extraction, Meta Tag, Body Text, Emails, Phones, Faxes number scraping. It’s is not good for rule based web scraping.The scraper cost varies from $89 to $199 depending on the number of modules you need.


WebExtractor 360

WebExtractor_360WebExtractor 360 is an open source web scraper. It uses Regular Expression to scrape data from web pages. You need to have good knowledge of Regular Expressions to work with this regular expression based scraping tool.
This scrape is completely free and also provides source code.



WebSundewWebSundew is data scraping and data extraction software with point-and-click interface like other data extraction software which allows to extract data from the html pages with ease. It supports multi-level extraction and scheduling agents, API access, ISQ messaging, FTP export option and many more functions. It enables to capture the websites data with high accuracy, productivity and speed. The price of WebSundew ranges from USD 69 – 2499 for different versions.

Chrome Web Scraping Plugins

chrome web scraperyou are not a technical guy and don’t want to learn all this scraping tools? Want to just extract data from website quickly and from few pages only? You will be able to do this using free Chrome extensions from web scraping  available on chrome store. Just install the plugin and grab some data. 😉