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WebHarvy Review

WebHarvy is a intuitive easy-to-use visual web scraper using which you can automatically scrape text, images, URL’s and emails from websites and you can save the scraped data into various formats. WebHarvy works with all the websites. User can also use WebHarvy for extracting data from product listings, eCommerce websites, yellow pages, real estate listing, social networks, forums etc.


Overview of WebHarvy:

  • Webharvy is very easy to use, you can start scraping within few minutes.
  • You can extract data from multiple pages/categories/keywords at the same time.
  • You can save extracted data to any file or database.
  • It provides built-in scheduler and proxy support.
  • It’s uses Google Chrome based browser in it’s latest version.
Name WebHarvy
Easy to learn Yes
Support Options Email
Price & Plans starting from USD 99/year for Single User License
Trial period/Free version 15 days trial
OS/Platform Windows
Data Export Options XML, CSV, JSON or TSV
  • Multiple page Scraping
  • Keyword based scraping
  • Category Scraping
  • Auto Pattern Detection
  • Run JavaScript
  • Automate browser interaction
Latest Version Release  v4.1.5.141 , May 2, 2017

Key Features of WebHarvy:

  1.  Point and Click Interface: WebHarvy is a visual Scraper so that you can select the data which you want to scrape with mouse clicks. There is no need to write any code or script for this so that even a beginner can use this web scraper.
  2. Scrape from multiple pages: Often many web pages display data in listing manner in multiple pages. WebHarvy can crawl and extract data from multiple pages automatically and it will save the data at desire location or database. You just have to point out the link to the next page and WebHarvy will scrape the data from all the pages and it will save the data.
  3. Category Scraping: This feature allows you to scrape categories and sub-categories within websites using a single configuration for the ease. For example, you can scrape data from listing of multiple links from any websites which leads to similar pages and listing.
  4. Download Images: WebHarvy can easily extract or download images from particular websites.. It can automatically extract images displayed in websites.
  5. Auto Pattern Detection: WebHarvy identifies patterns of data occurring in web pages, so if you want to scrape a list of items like name, address, email, price etc from a web page, you don’t have to do any additional configuration. If data repeats, it will scrape it automatically.
  6. Keyword based Scraping: It provides the keyword based data scraping which means that if you want to scrap pages for particular word, you can extract it from web pages. You can submit any number of keywords to multiple input input text fields to perform search in the website. Data from the results can be extracted.
  7. Regular Expression: If you want to scrap the matching position in the web page, WebHarvy allow you to use regular expression on text or HTML source. This will provide more flexibility while scraping the data to user.
  8. Automate browser interaction: It is easy to configure to perform tasks like click on links, select list, select drop-down , input text to a field etc.
  9. Export data to file/database: WebHarvy provides many options to save the extracted data. Latest version of WebHarvy allows you to export the scraped data as Extensible Markup Language (XML), comma-separated values(CSV), JavaScript Object Notation(JSON) and Tab Separated Values(TSV) file into desired location or database. You can also export datat into an SQL database.
  10. Proxy Server/VPN: For the security purpose, WebHarvy provides proxy servers or VPN to scrape data anonymously from targeted websites. You can use single or list of proxy servers.
  11. Run JavaScript: To interact with page elements or to invoke JavaScript functions which are already implemented in targeted page, you can run your own JavaScript in browser before extracting data.
  12. Technical Support: When you will buy WebHarvy, you will receive free updates and free supports from WebHarvy for a period of 1 year. Bug fixing are free forever.


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